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Sandstorm excel in every AAA game development CG production phase, using advanced tools and deep expertise, we create compelling character production that align with your vision.

Our game art design studio is geared up to offer a wide range of creative art direction and creation services, covering high-quality game assets, video game concept art, character design, environment design, virtual human which is perfectly suited for the forefront of AAA game development. Armed with the necessary tools and expertise, we're here to deliver unique results.

Hunja the dark witch hunter.png



Our team forms distinct, richly detailed character designs for AAA games.

From initial concepts to 2D character development, we infuse creativity and meticulousness into each character, making memorable realistic game art.

Hunja the dark witch hunter.png


Hunja the dark witch hunter 2.png

Making AAA characters for the next generation game consoles is our passion, and we will strive to provide the best characters design and quality for consumers around the world.



We can develop any creature we want for game production that can be deployed to unreal engine.

Based of model sheet or any visual direction, our passion for making bosses, legions and creatures give us

the creative freedom to go beyond our imagination.

Basheeva The Holy Witch-min.jpg


Basheeva rig.png

In Sandstorm we are a specialist company in making rigging for characters using cutting-edge technology, we can also handle rigging, skinning and physic simulation

component for characters and creatures.



The true power of linerma will be revealed this time 1-min.jpg

In Sandstorm we bring characters to life with motion and visual effects in real-time using blender Eevee and unreal engine, in our company blender is our main

pipeline to create high quality visuals that can be used in game cinematics.


Mecha PROduction

Who hasn't watched robot anime as a kid, Grendizer, Combattler V, Jumaro and others famous mecha robots.
Japanese mecha are well known around the world and in a sandstorm.
We can make any mecha we want.

In sandstorm we breath soul into our characters and we always take the challenge to make

 unique style and visuals that the consumer can use in their products.

We will continue to take the challenge and innovate each day and with our tools and techniques developed in-house, we will strive to change the industry and the world and to show the power of Blender fused with Unreal engine and what kind of visual product can you bring to the screen.

We are waiting for you to change the world together.



The black dragon witch view 3_edited.jpg

We can craft any cinematic visual in Realtime



Facial Rig

With the power of MetaHuman Animator provided by Epic we can combine Blender and Unreal to create high quality AAA characters in real-time and check everything in blender

before we deployed it to Unreal Engine


Environment PROduction


In sandstorm, we pour our souls and heart when crafting appealing visual environments that can be used for games and Realtime engines and we are proud to say that we have achieved high quality output
for our customers around the world.

Sol new style-min.png
Cel shading

Cel shading PROduction

Majin vegeta-min.png

Dragon Ball was the real main inspiration that make us change the way we make things, seeing such beautiful culture in our childhood that was made by Mr Akira Toriyama
we decided to establish sandstorm in Japan


Shader PROduction

We can develop any procedural shader using blender as our main pipeline tool, and this let us help visualize the final material direction that will be used inside the production and such technique can be baked in high quality PBR textures to be used within Unreal Engine


VFX PROduction


Visual Effect is the heart of bring beauty to any visual production, using blender and
niagara are the right choice for us among other tools to achieve that for any cinematic or game play production in Realtime. 


Mahania lookdev-min.png

Asset PROduction

In Sandstorm we have the capacity to craft any asset we want in 3D and that can be used for characters, environment, then can be deployed to
Unreal Engine for real-time production.
To achieve the result we want, blender is our main choice of production tool to create anything that we can imagine to make.


This curse that just happened going to follow you wherever you go...

Darya garment.png

Clothes PROduction

Katamilia demo.png

In Sandstorm we can craft any clothes design we want based of visual reference,
it can be for fantasy, cyberpunk, realistic style design, anything that
could be used for game or visual production.


Liu Wen.jpg
storm final 4d-min.png

vhuman production

Anastasia b4-min.png

With the power of Blender, we can develop any Life-like characters that can be deployed to Unreal Engine and to be used in Realtime for visual production.

Blender and Unreal Engine can be combined to bring virtual human characters to life using a variety of technologies and techniques.


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