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Company that creates the best

characters for next generation high-end consoles


Sandstorm is Triple-A and Virtual Human Production outsourcing company based in Tokyo, Japan.

With the vision that provides the best impression to people all over the world with CG Arts. We produce 3D CG of various contents such as virtual humans, CG characters for AAA games, CG environments, Animations and other techmology fields.
We have the experience to build a unique immersive style for your vision through the hard work of experience using the latest technology.

By creating and offering high-quality unique styles to our customers in Japan and around the world we will actively challenge new fields, rather than just taking on challenges, we also enjoy making things that are rewarding.
Bringing together the brilliance of Japan into one. We will create content with everyone's power.

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Never forget the spirit of challenge

Because of our passion to art and gaming we have the freedom to imagine, create, challenge, grow anytime, anywhere.

As our wings grow, we will strive to make a big impact in the world by bringing new unique style

and touch that other's can learn from it and that will stay as symbol for future generations.